Monday, December 05, 2005

Hawks 42 Eagles 0: Changing of the Gaurd

Holmgren, as much as I disagree with you, I'll give you this one...

For those of you who have finals (like I do) and didn't watch MNF, you missed what is commonly called a "statement" game by the Seahawks over the Eagles 42-0. I know what you're thinking, the Hawks are the coolest thing ever (and you're right) but everyone should observe the job Rookie MLB Lofa Taputu is doing, or should I say, dominating. More about him later, let us first look at some numbers from MNF:
  1. In the past two meetings; the Seahawks have outscored the Eagles 80-0
  2. 42-0 was the largest shutout defeat on MNF in history
  3. 42-0 was the largest defeat in Eagles history
  4. The Seahawk's victory was the largest deficit in NFL history with less than 200 total offense
  5. It was the first time in Eagle's history two touchdowns were scored by the opossing defense (the Hawks had three total)

For those who doubt the Hawks (i.e. everyone east of Spokane and south of Portland), rethink your statements and views and look to the future of the NFC. This team isn't going anywhere (as long as Alexander signs) and Holmgren is finally fitting the bill that we brought him in here to fill. As "Jaws" on ESPN said, "They do play football in the Northwest. I apologize to anyone up there for my previous statements. The Dec. 24th match-up between the Seahawks and the Colts could be a preview of this year's Superbowl." Gee, thanks Jaws, do you remember the 1991 National Championship for UW, or that the Hawks have gone to playoffs the past two years? Anyway, there are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most compelling is the play of MLB Lofa Taputu.

Lofa Taputu, from USC has always been undervalued. After missing out on D-1 football scholarships as a senior in high school, Lofa went to UMass and played outstanding. I credit Coach Carroll at USC for finding his talent and convincing him to transfer to USC. After leading two national title teams in tackles, Lofa entered the draft. Many experts were saying, "he's too small, he's not fast enough, he lacks playmaking ability." Well, you were WRONG. Holmgren picked up Lofa early in the second round to many an expert's "What?". Appearantly great coaches think alike, and Holmgren saw the same fighting spirit in Taputu.

Lofa is leading the Seahawks in tackles (81, 64 solo, D.D. Lews is second with 57 total), third in sacks, second in tackles for loss, and has added two interceptions, one for a touchdown. Can anyone remember the last regular starting linebacker in Seattle that was productive? I can't because I'm 23 and haven't watched the Hawks as long as some old timers. Lofa's play has made all the difference in the world for Seattle's defense. Keep up this level of play young man, you may land yourself in the Superbowl...this year.

In other news:

Congrats to the Portland Pilots women's soccer team who won the national championship. Behind football, women's soccer is my favorite sport. (syke!!)

Skyline won the 4A state title again. I think thats four titles for Skylines head coach, congrats.

Gonzaga's love buddies in the press were very quiet after their loss to UW last night. It seems that if Gonzaga isn't in the limelight in the NW, no one cares. I think the ESPN sportcaster just like to say "Gonzaga". It's exotic and sexy.

Well back to torts of course of course



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